Wind 'N Go Vers-A-Light

A self-powered, compact lantern and S.O.S. beacon in a weatherproof housing so versatile you will find many uses for it!  Hang it in a tent or from a tree; use the magnets to attach it to a car or other metal object; use it as a flashlight, reading light, or signal for help.

  • 19 LEDs (16 white and 3 red)
    • 16 white bi-level LEDs each operate on high or low
    • 3 red LEDs blink S.O.S. or operate at a steady glow
  • 4 ways to charge:
    • Dynamo hand crank - 2-3 minutes of winding provides up to 40 minutes of light
    • USB charging cable included (charges from your computer)
    • 120-volt or 12-volt charging
    • When fully charged by any of the three electrical methods will provide up to 10 hours of light
  • Detachable handle with hook - hang it around a tree branch or hang from a string line
  • 3 magnets on the back to secure to metal objects
SKU 78201
Weight 0.67 lbs
Price $20.10

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English SDS
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Product Data Sheet
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Operating Instructions