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Super Road Flare with Red LEDs (Single)

An advanced version of our standard LED flare.  It is slightly larger for double the light output and two rows of red LED lights.  It does not produce a flame, smoke, or harmful bi-products and does not require batteries!  Recharges so that it is ready for use when needed.  Three LED colors to choose from.

  • 24 super bright LEDs are visible light range over 7 miles and effectively see the light patterns up to 2 miles
  • 7 flashing patterns including SOS Rescue (Morse Code)
  • Intrinsically safe design with a rubber-tight seal (not certified)
  • Powerful magnet to attach to metal surfaces
  • Made of durable materials, crush proof, corrosion proof
  • Waterproof and submersible to 50 feet
  • US Patent #D654,387S and 8,550,653B2


  • 120V wall charger
  • 12V car charger
  • Storage bag

DOT & Traffic Safety Compliance

  1. U.S. DOT (FMCSA) 49 CFR 392.25 & 393.95 (g)
  2. MUTCD Type A (flashing) and Type C (solid on)
  3. NFPA 1901 Standards for Traffic Safety, Section 6.7.3 Miscellaneous Equipment.

Applications: identify road hazards, signal for help, mark detours, underwater scuba or repair applications. Ideal for emergency responders.

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Kit contains all chargers and a storage bag.